Dissertation of the Year Award

This award bestows recognition to an individual whose doctoral dissertation excels in making a substantial contribution to the literature and/or practice of community college student development. A substantial contribution is defined as dissertation research that makes a major contribution to the literature on community college student development, revises understanding of a researchable problem associated with community college student development, or looks at community college student development in a new way. The dissertation may also be an interdisciplinary effort that identifies a research problem new to the field. Dissertations utilizing a diversity of methodological approaches are encouraged. Only dissertations judged to be truly outstanding will be recognized regardless of the number of dissertation manuscripts submitted. Recipients need not be members of NCSD to be selected for this award.

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

Nomination Directions

An electronic copy of your dissertation along with your nomination materials should be submitted to the NCSD National Office at ncsd@ncsdonline.org.
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E-mail: ncsd@ncsdonline.org
Web: www.ncsdonline.org
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