Terry O'Banion Shared Journey Exemplary Practice Award

A special feature of the NCSD annual conference is the designation of exemplary practices aimed at furthering student development in community colleges. This process is named the Terry O'Banion Shared Journey Exemplary Practice Award, after the past President of the League for Innovation in the Community College and one of the most recognized and esteemed leaders of student development in higher education in the United States. Through this special application process, nominees present details of an existing or new program in terms of its goals, implementation approaches, and outcomes. Only the most outstanding proposals are selected to give presentations at the NCSD national conference wherein the winners are designated as Gold, Silver, and Bronze recipients. Programs given these awards are deemed outstanding because they are highly innovative and model best practices in the field, and because the evidence of effectiveness includes compelling results over time. Only programs judged to be truly outstanding will be recognized. Recipients need not be members of NCSD to be selected for this award. Only one program per campus will be awarded. Any member of the Executive Board whose institution has a nomination will not judge. Recipients of the award will be asked to attend the NCSD National Conference in October to compete for the Terry O’Banion Shared Journey Award.

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

Nomination Directions

1.      Compose a written submission (no longer than 4 pages in length) that provides the following information:


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