Writing scientific texts and receiving money for them sounds good, but rarely so straightforward.

It is not that easy

If you want to be an academic ghostwriter today, you will find many agencies that promise a quick, uncomplicated income. Quickly the application is written and you get a message, you are now in the circle of possible authors and would be notified if a suitable contract came.

Possibly, the appropriate order comes then promptly – accompanied by a message that this order also goes to many other authors and here the principle prevails that the first one who logs in receives the order.

What exactly does the activity look like?

Assuming that an order has been made, it depends not only on their own ability, but also on the agency and their dealings with the authors, whether the job as a ghostwriter is lucrative. Here is worth a look at the customer advertising of your own agency: If this promises to deliver lyrics to very cheap site prices, the wage for the ghostwriter is extremely bad and the job is similar to a low-wage job.

Especially academic ghostwriting is very time-consuming and sometimes nerve-wracking: You have to acquire new knowledge, read many texts, in the beginning look up foreign words, order books or go to the library and formulate the text aptly. It is important to fulfill the requirements of the agencies and to provide high-quality texts.

Only reputable agencies can guarantee their clients good texts and their clerks adequate payment. This also affects the motivation; Anyone who is forced to deliver a lot of text due to the low page fees will not care about the quality – just as they do not care about the dubious agency, which speculates that customers have hardly any legal right to complain about it or other customers to the poor services to alert the agency.

Any student who accepts a job with a low-priced agency is quickly caught up in reality, especially as the competition does not sleep.