Anyone who is faced with the task of writing longer texts for the first time should plan for sufficient trouble-free time.

“Smartphone off” is not enough

First, it’s about creating an atmosphere that makes concentration possible. This is more difficult today than it has been in the past, because the distractions have become more diverse, more inclusive, and even treacherous. If you put the smartphone aside for a while, you will run the risk of being distracted again at the latest during the internet search; Anyone who is not accustomed to working in a disciplined manner can already slip into Amazon’s endless, tempting world of offers in a simple literature search. In addition, the quick, intermittent, status check on Facebook sometimes leads to a political discussion, because this or that statement simply can not remain uncommented.

The writing habits consider texts, including scientific, arise at different times and in different places. Just as the biological clock differs from early and late sleepers, so do their times of day for paperwork; One or the other will prefer the seclusion and soothing atmosphere of an old university library, while others may require quiet operation in a café, light piano music, or gather their ideas on a walk in the forest for mental stimulation.

So it may not be the general avoidance of distraction, but the creation of the right amount of stimulation and hustle and bustle to help you succeed in writing.

Think through the sources

A skilled handling of foreign texts is also part of this – especially in scientific writing. Because thinking about other people’s thoughts creates the basis for developing your own ideas and being able to express them with the correct vocabulary. It is no shame to copy the methods of the professionals and to learn from the authors who have dealt with the matter for years and decades.